Civil Rights Activist On Biden’s Race Remarks: ‘One Of The Worst Race Hoaxes Since Jussie Smollett’


Horace Cooper, co-founder of Project 21 and former constitutional law professor at George Mason University, slammed President Joe Biden for Biden’s recent remarks about racial issues.

Cooper appeared on Fox News during an interview with host Tucker Carlson where they discussed remarks that Biden made this week while in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“You know, this is really, really sad what the President is doing,” Cooper said. “This is perhaps one of the worst race hoaxes since the Jussie Smollett charge.

When the President of the United States stands up and lies to the American people about the American people.

He says that we are so racist, and that in particular, if you look around in your community, you need to keep your eye out for one particular type of individual, white men, white nationalist, white racists.”…(Read more)

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