City Will Build 12 Apartments For Homeless Veterans Instead Of Tearing Down Old School


Thanks To Trump, City Will Build This For Veterans Instead of tearing down Old School…

We have countless of Veterans living as homeless while the government doesn’t take care of them.


Julian Castro, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in Philadelphia said: “we can’t stop our work until every single veteran has a place to call home in the United States.”

A partnership between the Philadelphia Housing Authority and an organization called HELP USA is working on a project to convert the historic Spring Garden School into more such housing.

YES, after Trump election and his words about our veterans, things are going to change quickly.

Speaking with local press, David Cleghorn of HELP USA said “”It would have been far too expensive and a shame to tear it down. We haven’t gotten any pushback or a single negative comment on this project.

The building has been an eyesore for a while and a safety issue that needed to be addressed. People are excited about it.”

The project will yield 37 units of affordable housing for low income seniors, with 12 units specifically earmarked for homeless veterans.

Once these vets are in our apartments, they have support services right there on site. What keeps them there is that they really form a community of shared military experience.

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Doesn’t this sound like a great project? Is anyone doing something like this where you live? Please share your thoughts with us here.


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