City Hit by North Korean Missile – Extensive Damage Reported


A North Korean ICBM has struck a major city, causing extensive damage and possible loss of life.

Unfortunately for Pyongyang, the city in question is one of their own!

If information now coming to light regarding North Korean missile tests over the past year are true, then we likely don’t need to fear an actual ICBM attack any time soon.

The test in question occurred on April 28 of last year, when a Hwasong-12 ballistic missile suffered engine failure just minutes after launch and landed 40 miles away on the town of Tokchon.

According to Japanese media, there was massive damage to “a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings.”

The damage was confirmed using commercially-available satellite imagery.

Of note is the fact that the Hwasong-12 is the backbone of the ICBM arsenal with which Kim Jong-Un has been threatening America.

But, at present, it seems those missiles are an even greater threat to the North Koreans themselves than to us.

Via The Daily Wire

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