CIA Director Drops Shocker About Trump That Has Democrats Angry and Scared


CIA Director Mike Pompeo says Donald Trump might be the most well-informed president ever to occupy the Oval Office.

And that’s got Democrats angry and scared.

Angry, because the truth hurts, and scared, because there’s no way they’re getting rid of him. They might not admit it, but Trump’s just way smarter than them.

During an address to the American Enterprise Institute, Pompeo revealed:

“I have seen 25-year intelligence professionals receive briefings. I would tell you that President Trump is the kind of recipient of our information at the same level that they are.

“He has the grounding for him to be able to grasp this information in a way that he can ask sophisticated questions that then lead to important policy discussions.

“We’ll be sitting in a National Security Council meeting talking about a particular topic, and he’ll bring up something that I briefed him on weeks or months ago. It could be that he knew that before that.”

In other words, a “stable genius,” to use the president’s own description of himself.

For Pompeo’s full remarks:

H/T Conservative Tribune

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