Chuck Todd On Biden: ‘He’s Got A Pretty Big Credibility Crisis,’ World Doesn’t Know If ‘Competent’


NBC News host Chuck Todd said during two separate appearances on the network over the weekend that President Joe Biden is facing a serious credibility crisis as he struggles to manage crises that have erupted under his administration.

“There’s a new migrant crisis at the Texas border with more than 10,000 Haitians living in deteriorating conditions,” Todd said. “U. S. Military had to admit its missile strike in Kabul, in response to the killing of 13 soldiers, was an error, and that it killed up to 10 innocent civilians. And then he had the issue with France, so angry about the U.S. sabotaging their submarine deal with Australia that they actually recalled their ambassador.”

“You know, Anna, with the Afghanistan withdrawal, and how it went, and then you have the, what the Pentagon said,” he later added. “And then you look at the border, there is this growing, ‘Boy, can you guys get your arms around our problems?’ This seems to be the real challenge.”

Anna Palmer, Founder of Punchbowl News, responded by noting that the administration has “continued to stumble here.”

“They don’t have the messaging right. They don’t necessarily have the policy right,” she continued. “There’s a lot of questions on Capitol Hill now that these members are coming back where they’re gonna face investigations on Afghanistan, what happened there; it’s not going away. And I think this is something where this White House is really not kind of got its feet underneath it and now we’re weeks into this, right.”

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “It’s been a rough 6 weeks…it’s only getting worse.”Punchbowl’s Anna Palmer: The Biden administration has “continued to stumble,” “they don’t necessarily have the policy right.”

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