Chuck Schumer’s Plan to Take Down Trump Backfires. He Just Got Career-Ending News


Taking on President Trump is turning out to be political suicide for leaders of the Democratic “resistance.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has proudly led that doomed mission, and now it’s costing him in ways he didn’t imagine.

No doubt Schumer thought his dedication to hindering President Trump’s agenda would make him more popular than ever.

So it was probably with great surprise that Schumer learned this week that his approval ratings both in his home state of New York and nationwide are lower than ever.

From New York Daily News:

Sen. Chuck Schumer, long among the most popular state public officials, has seen his approval numbers drop dramatically since he became Senate Democratic leader in January, a new poll found.

Just 53% of those surveyed by the Siena College poll hold a favorable view of Schumer, his lowest ever in a Siena poll.

The 37% who now view him unfavorably is the highest ever in a Siena poll.

He was at 67% in December but has seen that number drop consistently since.

Schumer remains popular with Democrats (70%), but even there, his ratings have dropped a not-insignificant 7% over the past two months.

New York is a firmly blue state, so as long as Chuck keeps his numbers healthy among Democrats, he’ll likely keep his seat.

However, if current trends hold, Schumer could conceivably fall to around 50% even among Democrats by the time he’s up for reelection, opening the door for a strong Republican challenger.

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