Chuck Schumer is PISSED. He Wanted You to Keep Paying High Taxes


The Senate has just handed President Trump one of his biggest victories yet by narrowly passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The legislation was passed by the slimmest of margins in a 51-49 vote.

The lone dissenting Republican was Bob Corker (TN), and, really, no surprise there.

What was a bit surprising was that John McCain fell in line behind the Trump policy.

At any rate, President Trump was ecstatic, primarily because he’ll likely be able to give the American people a MASSIVE Christmas gift by fulfilling one of his most important campaign promises.

To say that Sen. Chuck Schumer’s reaction was quite the opposite would be an understatement.

He tweeted:

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But, before Schumer tweeted that, he actually tried to stop the Senate vote on the bill, insisting that not all the lawmakers had actually read the bill.

Now, this is rich that Schumer would use such a tactic, considering that even leading Democrats have since admitted that they didn’t actually read the Obamacare bill before ramming it down America’s throat.

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