Chuck Schumer Caught Red-Handed Meeting With the Devil


If there was ever any doubt that the Democratic Party and their agenda are under the sway of a sinister puppet-master, this should be enough to convince anyone.

Sen. Chuck Schumer has taken a leading role in the Democratic “resistance” to President Trump.

But he’s hardly acting on his own volition.

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Schumer doesn’t have the smarts, or the money, to take on Trump.

But George Soros does.

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That’s a shot of Schumer having (a few too many?) drinking with Alex Soros, playboy son of the nefarious billionaire, who’s made much of his fortune by fomenting socialist unrest and rebellion.

Soros poured an ENORMOUS amount of money into defeating Trump, but he himself was DEFEATED by the American people.

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But don’t for one moment think that’s going to stop the Soros master plan of turning American democracy on its head.

Clearly, the Soros machine continues to collaborate with top Democrats to topple President Trump and bring a socialist revolution to America.

Source: The Daily Caller

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