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Chuck Norris Shows Up in Israel, the Surprising Reason Why…


Legendary actor and martial artist Chuck Norris surprised everyone by showing up in Israel this weekend.

When Chuck Norris doesn’t want you to know he’s coming, you won’t know he’s coming.

Or so goes the popular Internet memes that have sprung up around the “Walker Texas Ranger” star in recent years.

Norris was spotted dining out in the coastal town of Herzliya with his good friend and former Israeli ambassador to the UN, Dore Gold.

Gold currently serves as director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s closest confidantes.

In both the 2013 and 2015 national elections in Israel, Norris publicly endorsed Netanyahu and urged Israelis to vote for him.

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What Norris was doing in Israel this week was anyone’s guess. Though there was much speculation that it had something to do President Trump’s new approach to Middle East peace.

In the meantime, Israeli had fun with the visit, playing on those Internet memes.

“Chuck Norris does not visit Israel. Israel visits Chuck Norris,” wrote one commenter on the Israeli news portal Ynet.

“The Palestinians have announced a sudden withdrawal from the region,” quipped another.

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Israelis flock to Chuck Norris like moths to a flame

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