Christian Student Kicked Out of Class for Challenging Transgender Nonsense


Where’s the freedom of speech? Where’s the tolerance for ideas other than your own?

Liberals are all about these things when it comes to their own agenda, but have zero tolerance for any ideas that are opposed to theirs.

And so it was that a professor at Indiana University banned one of her students from class after he dared to challenge arguments in favor of transgenderism.

The student is himself a Christian and was enrolled in a class called “Special Topics in Christianity: Self, Sin and Salvation.”

Instead of focusing on that topic, Dr. Alison Downie instead directed students to discuss hot political issues like “white male privilege,” sexism and the transgender phenomenon.

Student Lake Ingle was ready to argue his side.

He told the Daily Caller:

“I protested to the use of anecdotal evidence to then start a discussion and trying to reference the material or the speaker’s account as if they were facts. The professor made it very clear that these things (White male privilege, mainsplaining, etc.) were … well, she seemed to me that she made it clear that they were a reality and not part of an ongoing discussion.”

That, folks, is the very opposite of free speech and open debate.

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