Christian Sex Slaves Still Being Held by ISIS. Where are All the Liberal Feminists?


Could it be that liberal feminists don’t really care all that much about the rights of women?

Could it be that their political agenda is more important than actually defending women, all women, everywhere?

If not, then how do we explain the severe lack of outcry from liberal feminists over the fact that so many fellow women are still today being held as sex slaves by the likes of ISIS and other jihadist groups?

They howl to no end over a sexist locker room remark President Trump made 20 years ago, but make hardly a peep over teenage girls being routinely tortured and treated like animals by terrorist overlords.

And it’s not like there’s a lack of information regarding this.

A number of these most unfortunate of women have managed to escape, and have brought their horrific stories to the West.

But, no one seems to care. Everyone’s too focused on smearing Trump to deal with issues that really matter.

This is just sad.

Via Jews News

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