Christian Group Tries to BAN Islamic Propaganda in American Schools


Isn’t it ironic that even as Liberals and Atheists howl about getting the Bible and Christian prayer out of our schools, Islamic propaganda in our classrooms is on the rise?

And those same Liberals and Atheists seem to be indifferent to our children being indoctrinated with the Muslim faith. Makes one wonder…

Well, one Christian group has had enough, and is petitioning the Trump government to end the Islamic propaganda curriculum being shoved down our children’s throats.

If Christianity can’t be “forced” on American school children, then neither should be Islam.

That’s the message Christian Action Network sent to the Department of Education.

The group urged the government to “cease its Islamic education program for the nation’s public schools.”

It noted that the books being taught are nothing short of indoctrination, some of going so far as to teach children the Muslim prayers related to conversion to Islam.

Christian Action Network warned that if Islamic studies are not pulled from American schools in the next 60 days, it will file a federal lawsuit against the government.

What do you think?

How can we get behind this effort?

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H/T WNPInsider

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