Christian Children ‘Bullied and Assaulted’ by Muslim Migrants


The Muslim majority routinely mistreats Christian minorities in most Middle East countries. And some are bringing this behavior to their new homes in the West.

A German priest told the Daily Express that Christian migrant children are being bullied by Muslim migrants of the same age.

The Christians, like the Muslims, have fled from war-torn Syria and Iraq. They have sought asylum and generally try to fit in.

But the Muslim migrant community has largely refused to integrate. And that means it has held on to its hostility toward Christians.

“The horror continues in the everyday life even for the children,” said the priest, Andreas Knapp. “They are severely bullied by their Muslim classmates.”

Knapp lives in Leipzig, where many Middle Eastern migrants are temporarily housed upon arriving in Germany.

So he sees a lot of what happens between the different migrant groups, between Christians and Muslims.

“I know several cases where Christians have been offended, humiliated and frightened,” he said.

On one occassion, a 12-year-old Christian boy was forced by Muslim children to remove his cross necklace.

In another instance, two young Christian children were beaten by Muslims their age because they were eating gummy bears. The candies contain pork gelatine, and pork is considered unclean by Muslims.

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The Christians were told they could not longer play outside.

Knapp said the hatred is so ingrained in the Muslim children that it is nearly impossible to reprimand them.

“Hate is preached twenty-four-seven,” he explained. “But it has to finish here. We must explain to all the migrants that we do not suffer such intolerance.”

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