Chris Cuomo Says Biden Should Use Inauguration To Publicly Shame Trump


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said Wednesday that President-elect Joe Biden should us the inauguration to publicly shame President Donald Trump.

Cuomo spoke briefly with former Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci, who said that he didn’t think the president would be able to resist attending Biden’s inauguration.

“He’s making a decision to go to the inaugural or not,” Scaramucci explained, saying that he had spoken with friends who were still on speaking terms with the president. “I predict he goes, Chris. I don’t see how he misses that. He’s an attention hog. He will try to make it about himself. And so my guess is he’ll end up at the inaugural and he’ll leave a lot of wreckage.”

Scaramucci went on to say that he thought the Trump presidency would likely necessitate talk about a constitutional amendment that could limit the power of the White House.

“We’re gonna need something to check his power or to check a president like him, god forbid w… (Read more)

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