Chris Christie: Trump ‘Hurting Himself’ And ‘Hurting The Country’ By Challenging Election


President Donald Trump is “hurting himself” and “hurting the country” by continuing to challenge November’s presidential election, former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) told Breitbart News Sunday host Joel Pollak on December 20.

Pollak asked, “Speaking of presidential decisions, my political editor is prompting me to ask you about Trump’s decision to keep the challenges going to the election, some of the lawsuits and so forth, maybe even a strategy to challenge the electoral college vote certification in Congress. Do you think that the president is hurting himself by keeping these challenges going, or should he continue the fight?”

Christie stated, “I think he’s hurting himself, and I think he’s hurting the country by keeping it going. In fact, I’m a big supporter of the president. I was the first one of his 2016 opponents to endorse him. We’ve been friends for 20 years. I prepared him for his debates in 2016, headed this transition in 2016, prepared him for his debates in 2020.”

Christie remarked, “There’s no evidence that I’ve seen that there was fraud that occurred in this election that would change the result, nor have courts all across this country found any such evidence, either, and we continued to hear from people like Sidney Powell that any day now we’re going to hear about evidence [that] is going to blow this whole thing up, and we haven’t gotten it. We’re now nearly at Christmas.”

“I know losing hurts,” added Christie. “I’ve won elections. I’ve lost elections. And losing hurts, but

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