Chinese Nationals Are Crossing The US/Mex Border, Evading The Travel Ban,


As I wrote in January, last year there was a massive increase in the number of Chinese nationals sneaking across the Mexican border. In FY 2019, the number of Chinese migrants caught at the southern border in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector increased 85%, from approximately 700 to over 1,300.

Thousands of Chinese nationals successfully entered the country illegally across the southern border in FY 2019. And none of them were screened for the [Disease that can not be named] or DTCNBN. Not tests, no quarantines, nothing.

Sadly, that vast move of Chinese illegal aliens has created travel networks that different Chinese nationals have been ready to make use of to evade the travel ban from China that President Trump prudently announced on January 31.

And it is occurring.  According to Border Patrol stats, as of this writing, greater than 350 Chinese nationals have been apprehended on the southern border since January 1.

So long as our border stays wide open, no travel ban will likely be completely effective. That may be the powerful lesson of this crisis.  Let’s hope and pray that members of Congress learn this lesson and vote to appropriate the funding for the entire southern border wall as quickly as possible.  American lives are dependent on it.


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