China Mocks ‘Puppet’ Greta Thunberg For ‘Skipping School’


China’s Global Times state propaganda outlet attacked teen environmental celebrity Greta Thunberg on Sunday, dismissing her as “short of sufficient academic knowledge” and mocking her for “skipping school” after she condemned China’s outsized contributions to world pollution.

Thunberg became famous for leading a campaign called “Fridays for Future,” in which she encouraged students to not go to school on Fridays as a “strike” protest urging the governments of the world to act against climate change. She has since risen through international prominence and speaks regularly at global events hosted by groups such as the United Nations, often shaming politicians for their allegedly lax attitudes towards environmental issues.

Thunberg typically saves her most visceral criticism for Western nations and has often remained silent in the face of China’s mounting environmental crimes, including the destruction of South China Sea coral ecosystems, the devastating effects of rare earth mineral mining, and China’s growing dependence on fossil fuels. In 2021, China built up three times more coal power capacity than every other nation in the world combined.

Despite Thunberg’s typical emphasis on condemning Western countries, she has angered the Chinese Communist Party in the past, particularly by supporting the anti-communist Hong Kong protest movement and imprisoned youth protest leader Joshua Wong.

Thunberg directly challenged a prominent Communist Party talking point about China’s emissions – that China, despite being the world’s second-largest economy, is somehow still a “developing” country and thus should not be held to the same environmental standards as the West – saying it has “no excuse” for its destruction of the planet.

“Yes, China is still categorized as a developing nation … But that’s of course no excuse for ruining future and present living conditions,” Thunberg wrote on her Twitter account.

As CO2 emissions stay in the atmosphere up to 1000years we of course need to look at historic emissions and in context to population and emissions per capita. And developed nation must lead so others can raise their living standards.

Thunberg’s comment was a response to the publication of a study by climate research organization the Rhodium Group last week that found that, when taking into consideration all “greenhouse gases” as defined in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, and not just carbon dioxide, China is responsible for more pollution than every other developed country on the planet combined.

“China alone contributed over 27% of total global emissions, far exceeding the U. S. – the second-highest emitter – which contributed 11% of the global total. For the first time, India edged out the EU-27 for third place, coming in at 6.6% of global emissions,” the report read in part.

Outraged commentators and “netizens” – social media users who echo the Chinese government’s opinion online – featured prominently on the front page of the Global Times on Monday, disparaging Thunberg as uneducated and allegedly easily manipulated by the West.

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“Thunberg, who at age 15 started skipping school on Fridays for her climate protests, is merely 18 years old this year,” the Global Ti… (Read more)

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