China Intensifies Its War on Islam, Imprisons Millions of Muslims


China may be at loggerheads with President Trump on several issues, but at present it’s far more focused on its war against Islam.

As liberals in the West moan and wail about perceived slights that hurt the feelings of local Muslims, China is busy shuttering mosques, banning Islamic practices and imprisoning millions of Muslim faithful.

According to Foreign Policy, more than 10 million Uighur Muslims in China’s northwest Xinjiang region are facing a very “grim” future.

This Turkic-speaking Muslim minority has for years engaged in jihadist violence against Chinese authorities. China has responded exactly as one might expect from a communist regime unmoved by Western politically-correct norms.

“Major mosques in the major cities of Kashgar and Urumqi now stand empty. Prisoners in the camps are told to renounce [Allah] and embrace the Chinese Communist Party. Prayers, religious education, and the Ramadan fast are increasingly restricted or banned. Even in the rest of China, Arabic text is being stripped from public buildings, and Islamophobia is being tacitly encouraged by party authorities,” reported Foreign Policy.

Surprised you’ve never heard of this? Don’t be.

As Foreign Policy explained, most Muslim nations are too economically-dependent on China to speak up, if they even really care about the fate of the Uighurs. On top of that, China tightly controls press activity in Xinjiang. And, if it’s not in the news, it didn’t happen.

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