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China Begins Converting Civilian Ships Into an Invasion Armada… Why?


The People’s Liberation Army Navy, the incredibly ironic name for the Chinese Communist Party’s naval force, has added 11 new amphibious ships to its fleet, according to Forbes.

While these ships are just a small component of China’s large fleet, Forbes reported that the nation has carefully been setting the framework in place to revamp thousands of civilian ships for militaristic purposes.

The CCP is slowly gathering control of the nation’s commercial shipping through legal steps, as engineers have begun to make key modifications to existing vessels to give them better assault capabilities, the outlet reported.

Taiwan is an island with 14 beaches and 10 ports that would allow the Chinese military several points to invade.

“If the PLA invasion force was a million or more men, then we might expect an armada of thousands or even tens of thousands of ships to deliver them, augmented by thousands of planes and helicopters,” Project 2049 Institute analyst Ian Easton wrote in a report last week.

It looks as though these thousands of ships are being slowly put into place, as Chinese law has ordered in recent years that all vessels within the wide framework of the nation’s infrastructure be equipped for military combat.

“Among other things, the law mandated that all of China’s basic infrastructure and related transportation platforms would henceforth be treated as military-civil fusion assets,” Easton noted, referencing a 2017 law from the communist government.

“At the CCP’s discretion, they were now legally required to be designed, built and managed to support future military operations. In the event of conflict, they would be pressed into wartime service. Now they had to prepare accordingly in peacetime.”

Easton warned that China’s COSCO Shipping Corporation, which hosts about 1,000 large vessels, could form the cornerstone of this potential invasion fleet.

Even though conquering an island might sound like an easy feat on paper for one of the most powerful countries in the world, Taiwan has its own military might.

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The Taiwanese army has more tanks than the Chinese military, and would certainly be a formidable opponent in a presumed invasion — which could explain why China seems to be biding its time.

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