Children Visiting This Amusement Park are Taught to Do Terrible Things


Amusement parks are supposed to be safe places of entertainment and happiness.

But at The City of Games for Revolutionary Children in Iran, something else is taking place.

Children visiting the park in the Iranian city of Mashhad are brainwashed to fight America, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The park is open free of charge to all children ages eight through 13. Because Iran wants to create as many child soldiers as possible.

While visiting the park children are required to wear military uniforms. They are also accompanied by a “military commander” whose orders they must obey.

Sounds like a blast!

Child Abuse

The 12 stations that make up the park require the children to perform various simulated acts of violence against Iran’s enemies. At one station they fire plastic bullets at Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. At another they destroy an American flag.

Hamid Sadeghi, director of the Child and the Future Cultural Center, explained:

“The children follow various paths simulating fighting the enemy, and at some places, the children learn about simple [combat] methods such as firing plastic artillery shells at a simulated enemy as well as aiming and firing a rifle with plastic bullets at [an effigy] of Netanyahu and at U.S. and Israeli flags.”

During the weeks that the City of Games was open, ??? reported that it was “in great demand.”

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Can anyone say “child abuse”?


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