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Child Bride Tortured, Forced to Eat Dog Leftovers


This is happening way too often with far too little attention from the international community.

What’s really incredible is that the United Nations, which claims to be primarily concerned with human rights, doesn’t even have this on the agenda!

Khaama Press reports:

New distressing reports have emerged regarding the violence against a child bride in Afghanistan sending shocking across the country as violence against women remain a critical issue in various remote parts of Afghanistan.

The child bride, Gul Hazar, who is now believed to be only 12-years-old now has disclosed the miseries she has faced since she got married.

Gul Hazar says she has faced various types of tortures from her in-laws family members who have on certain occassions attempted to murder her.

According to Gul Hazar, she was sent to the mountains by her father-in-law to collect fire wood and in return she was receiving the remaining foods of the dog of the family.

The following video (h/t Pamela Geller) highlights the heartbreaking phenomenon of little girls as young as 6-years-old being sold into effective sex slavery:

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