Chicago Woman Facing Several Charges After Alleged Attempt To Run Police Officers Down


Prosecutors say a Chicago woman set out to commit “as much mayhem and damage as she could” when she allegedly used a Jeep to chase down multiple Chicago police officers and squad vehicles during an unrelated traffic stop Wednesday.

Dawn Moore, 30, was ordered held Thursday on $250,000 bond after being charged with three counts each of aggravated assault of a peace officer, aggravated battery of a peace officer and criminal damage to property.

Cook County prosecutors said that at around 11 a.m. Wednesday, Moore drove by three CPD officers who were conducting a traffic stop on a man in the 10500 block of South State Street when she began shouting at police to let the man go.

Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said Moore drove past the officers, then pulled a U-turn and came back, again demanding they release the man. Murphy said Moore drove “at a deliberate angle” toward one of the officers in an apparent attempt to hit them.

She then sped up and struck a car before standing up through the open roof of her Jeep, again demanding the man be released, Murphy said.

As officers attempted to get Moore out of her car, she allegedly drove off again before making another U-turn and heading back toward police before sideswiping a squad car on the passenger side… (Read more)

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