Chicago Will Ban Restaurants From Marketing Unhealthy Sugary Drinks To Children


The city of Chicago will ban restaurants from marketing unhealthy sugary drinks in meals for children in a bid to prevent illnesses stemming from poor eating habits.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Department of Public Health revealed the legislation at a meeting of the City Council on Wednesday.

“Children don’t need marketing that encourages unhealthy behavior—and parents don’t need extra pressure to serve their kids unhealthy food,” said Lightfoot said in press release.

“By banning such marketing while protecting parental choice, this ordinance will help empower parents to make the right choice for their families,” she added.

The new law will not ban parents from asking for the unhealthy sugary drinks for their children at restaurants, only that the businesses won’t be able to market them to children. The law says that restaurants can only pair children’s meals with “unsweet… (Read more)

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