Chicago Student Rips Mayor’s ‘Blatant Lie’ About Crime After Classmate’s Death


A University of Chicago student blasted Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday for her “blatant lie” that crime was plummeting — just days after a fellow student was killed by a stray bullet on the train.

Audrey Unverferth, a rising senior, said she’s lost confidence in Lightfoot following the violence that besieged Chicago over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

“Lori Lightfoot had the nerve recently to say that crime in Chicago is on the decline — that’s a blatant lie,” Unverferth told “Fox & Friends.

“Crime is not on the decline. Homicide and shooting rates are up and as we’ve seen, Chicago had its most murderous weekend of the year over the Fourth of July. Over 90 people were shot.”

In an op-ed for The Federalist, Unverferth said Lightfoot “should be ashamed” over the fatal shooting of her classmate, Max Solomon … (Read more)

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