Chicago Schools To Re-Open A Little Bit After The Election


Officials in Chicago revoked their decision to reopen schools partially and opted to remain fully online after a survey showed a significant portion of parents would not send their children to school.

Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson said schools will remain closed for in-person instruction through the first quarter of the school year, which extends through Nov. 6. A survey of parents in the district obtained by the Associated Press revealed that 41% of elementary school parents planned to keep their children home from school if they reopened. Thirty-eight percent of high school parents reported the same.

“It was evident that our families were not comfortable with the state of the pandemic and the national response,” she said.

“Although our families expressed how much they wanted to return to their school communities and how much their students missed their friends and teachers, they did not feel this was the right time,” Jackson said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Chicago schools were planning to have students attend classes two days per week to limi… (Read more)

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