Chicago Residents Throw Rahm Under The Bus and Are Now Begging Trump for Help!


While America thrives under President Trump, places like liberal-run Chicago are still violent and lawless.

It’s so hopeless and desperate in Chicago, thanks to liberal mayor Rahm Emanuel and his preference for illegals over Americans, that now citizens are throwing him under the bus, and begging President Trump for much-needed help.

From dailycaller.com

Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel received backlash, on “Fox & Friends” Friday, for favoring illegal immigrants over American citizens.

Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell attended a Thursday protest in Chicago, where citizens marched against gun violence and demanded Emanuel’s resignation.

“Honestly, the residents of Chicago are fed up with Rahm Emanuel’s inaction,” Caldwell said. “In addition they are fed up with the violence. They don’t see any change.”

Caldwell interviewed protesters in the crowd and one of them called Emanuel a “con man” who wants to “keep black folks divided.” Another protester said the city is headed for financial ruin, while another took issue with Emanuel giving preferential treatment to illegal immigrants.

Caldwell said he found it surprising so many Illinois Democrats were willing to work with President Donald Trump to help the city of Chicago, given the current atmosphere of political division.

“I found it to be particularly interesting that there are leaders within the Democratic Party in Illinois who are seeking the help of outside resources such as President Trump,” Caldwell concluded.

Fox News reached out to Emanuel for a statement, but he did not respond to their request for comment.

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