Chicago Reports MASSIVE Increase in Murder – Guess What Changed?


The City of Chicago reported a shocking 57 percent increase in murder in 2016. It’s 762 homicides over the past year are more than Los Angeles and New York City combined!

Now, what could have changed in Chicago over the past year to account for this?

In 2015, Chicago reported 485 homicides. That’s a lot, to be sure. But we are talking about America’s third largest city.

Such a major increase in murders in 2016 had to be triggered by something.

Actually, two changes have occurred.

First, police were forced to release footage of an officer shooting and killing a black teenager who had a knife. The officer was later convicted of murder, but that didn’t stop roaming gangs of black thugs from upping their violence.

In fact, the bulk of Chicago’s murders happened in just five predominantly-black neighborhoods.

It was clear that these people were just looking for an excuse to be more violent, and they found one. What’s worse, their violence has been tacitly approved by the Black Lives Matter movement.

The other change is that Chicago became a “sanctuary city” taking in a large number of Middle East migrants.

It’s not politically correct to say so, but these two changes cannot be brushed off as coincidence when considering Chicago’s massive rise in violent crime.

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