Chicago Police Turn Their Backs On Mayor At Hospital After Gunman Shoots 2 Officers


Chicago police turned their backs on Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot when she showed up at the hospital where they had gathered in support of two fellow officers who were shot by a convicted felon on Saturday night.

Chicago Police Officer Ella French, a 29-year-old, three-year department veteran, was murdered in the line of duty during the Aug. 7 traffic stop.

Her 39-year-old partner is fighting for his life at the University of Chicago Medical Center after being repeatedly shot in the head and shoulder during the attack.

One bullet lodged in the back of his head, a second exited his eye, and the third hit him in the shoulder, sources told WLS.

The six-year veteran of the department has a wife and a young son.

Witnesses said Lightfoot made her way to the hospital at about midnight and attempted to speak with the wounded male officer’s father, who is a retired Chicago police officer, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The retired officer unleashed on the mayor, accosting her for her perpetuating anti-police sentiments and blaming her for the attack on his son and Officer French, sources told the paper.

After listening to the wounded officer’s father, Lightfoot attempted to speak to about 30 Chicago police officers who were waiting nearby for an update on their comrade’s condition.

But as she approached, they walked way from her and lined up with their backs towards her, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

One witness described the move as “astounding,” according to the paper.

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“They did the about-face,” the source said. “It looked like it had been choreographed.”


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