Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Ripped In Ig Report On Botched Raid That Left Innocent Woman Naked, Cost City $2.9M


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the city’s police department and the Civilian Office of Police Accountability each faced sharp criticism Friday in a report about a botched police raid, according to reports.

The February 2019 raid forced an innocent woman to stand naked in front of a dozen male officers – and cost the city nearly $3 million in a legal settlement, the reports said.

The report by the city’s Office of the Inspector General said it uncovered several “unfounded statements” made by Lightfoot and others over the raid, in which Chicago police followed a bad tip to the wrong home in search of a suspect.

Instead, they encountered Anjanette Young, an innocent woman who was changing her clothes to get ready for bed inside her apartment when police entered, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Young was handcuffed naked while officers searched her apartment in vain and wasn’t allowed to get dressed for at least 10 minutes, the newspaper reported. She later sued the city for $2.9 million. The city settled with her last month.

Besides Lightfoot, a spokesperson for her office and the head of the police accountability office also were found to have made misstatements, the 164-page report said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Lightfoot also reportedly sought a court order in 2020 to keep local news station WBBM-TV from airing police body camera footage of the raid-gone-wrong.

A judge ordered the footage given to Young’s lawyer, who then turned it over to WBBM.

“You’ve got the wrong house! I live alone!” Young can be heard in the footage, which was eventual… (Read more)

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