CHER Invites Liberals To Open Their Homes To “DREAMERS”…Says, “I’M READY TO DO THIS”…Patriot Shares Her Address To Make It Easier For “Dreamers” To Find Her


Cher, a leftist agitator, and Trump-hater extraordinaire told followers of her Twitter account that they MUST take a DREAMER into their home and “protect them”.

The “has been” entertainer took it one step further and told her followers that she was “Ready 2 Do This” and that “Others in MY BUSINESS WILL DO THE SAME!!”

She ended her tweet with the word “SANCTUARY”, indicating that she and the people employed by her would be offering aid and comfort to illegal alien strangers.

Cher forgot to provide and address for the DREAMERS to find her… so a Trump-voter did that for her!


I guess she has enough space for 100/200 dreamers!

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rom Zillow:

Last August, we reported that Cher’s Malibu home was up for sale for $45 million. The place didn’t sell and according to the LA Times, Cher withdrew the listing in May, spending the past few months re-doing the interior.

Well, it looks like Cher is satisfied with the re-do; her home at 25142 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA is back on the market — this time for $41 million. So, in three months’ time, Cher’s house comes with a new interior and a price whack of $4 million. Anyone in the market for a 13,000+ sq ft home with 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a theater and a gym that sits on a 1.7 acre-Malibu bluff with a tennis court, an infinity pool and a guesthouse?

It is being listed by Hilton & Hyland.

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In the meantime, Cher had better luck on the Big Island of Hawaii, selling her home in an auction on Jan. 18, 2010, for $8.72 million.

Be careful what you wish for…It just might come true!

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