Chelsea Handler Calls Trump A ‘Nazi’ Then Learns Her Grandfather Was An Actual Nazi Soldier, Breaks Down


Daily Presser reported:

To be clear, Chelsea is not at fault for the sins of her grandfather.  It’s just odd that a woman who has direct ties to Nazi Germany so easily calls another person a Nazi and/or Hitler.  What a disservice to be so flippant with a racist regime that murdered thousands.  I’d wager to say it’s insensitive.

I can’t help but also notice yet another example of liberal hypocrisy.  For months, President Trump was ridiculed simply based on his ancestors’ last name being “Drumpf”.  Handler’s grandfather was in the Third Reich and not one person has batted an eye.

Hopefully, this exploration into the family history will help Chelsea Handler realize she shouldn’t be forcing her opinions on others.  Once again, we have a textbook, out-of-touch liberal who wants people to know she is practically a saint in terms of her conscientiousness.  Of course, she’s preaching from the back of a limousine.

The video clip below is the preview for the TLC show starring Handler.

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