Check Where The U.S. Navy is Headed At The Moment… Folks, IT’S HAPPENING


Kim Jong-un just got some terrible news after Japan released a TV footage showing the world that the USS Carl Vinson strike group is just a few hours away from North Korea.

This should be an excellent lesson for him, because reports confirm that the dictator is determined to proceed building his nuclear dream. President Donald Trump decided to send his strike groups in the sight of North Korea so that Jong-un finally understands that America is serious about his nuclear testing. The USS Carl Vinson will soon be joined by two more carriers, and Japan sent its destroyers, too.

The President announced that he will be employing an entire “armada” to “relieve” the tension between the US and North Korea. The carrier was spotted sailing off the coastline of Nagasaki prefecture in southern Japan, and this happened just a few hours after Kim Jong-un launched the latest missile. This was another failure in the row. Jong-un is probably devastated at the moment.

The USS Carl Vinson strike group was shot from a helicopter, and Nagasaki is located in Kyushy, the southernmost spot of Japan’s four big islands.

The strike group had a joint training with the Japanese destroyers and F-15 fighter jets in the waters near Okinawa.

The strike group will be heading toward the Korean Peninsula after Kim Jong-un announced his sixth nuclear testing. His latest missile test was a clear provocation for the US, China and Russia. Kim Jong-un better learn his lesson soon, otherwise he won’t like the aftermath of his actions.

Nagasaki is a few hundred kilometers away from Korea, so the strike group will approach the Korean coast within a few hours.

How will Kim Jong-un react to this footage? Will he cancel his nuclear testing once and for all? What will happen next?

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