CHECK What Happened to Elizabeth Warren Right After She Criticized Pres. Trump – SHE’S DONE!


Elizabeth Warren has spent the last couple of months criticizing President Trump and his strategies.

Thank God, Massachusetts have had enough! It seems that her anti-Trump ideas may have finally cost her, her job.

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (Mass.) approval ratings have slipped over the past year, while Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s (Mass.) numbers rank him as the nation’s most popular governor, according to a new Morning Consult poll.

Elizabeth Warren’s numbers have dropped down five percent since April, when almost 61% of the voters approved her performance, and 27% disapproved it. Now, the recent poll shows that 56% of the voters approve of Warren’s performance, while 38% disapprove of it.

Another poll brings devastating news for Elizabeth Warren. Reportedly, a poll conducted in January revealed that 46% of Massachusetts voters will vote Warren out of office next year.

This is such a good news! I am sick and tired to see her face! GO HOME!

What do you think about this?

Do you think that Elizabeth Warren got what she deserved?

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