Charlie Daniels Explains Why The American Dream is Alive and Well


Country singer Charlie Daniels does a fantastic job explaining why he believes the American Dream is still alive and well:

After over eight decades of living, working, traveling and experiencing my nation’s mood swings, mistakes, and unfortunately, the division encouraged by self-serving politicians and radical organizations on the fringes of both the right and the left, that patriotism and love for America burns as brightly as ever.

Even with our warts and blemishes, our deep, passionate, political differences, our petty prejudices and our disagreements about how to solve domestic and international problems, deep down, when our nation is threatened, there is an indomitable love of country in almost everyone.

I believe that the American Dream is still alive. I live it every day, in a nation where opportunity abounds for those with the guts and tenacity to pursue it, where our leaders are chosen by votes, not guns, and you’re free to pursue your dream, no matter where it may lead

No other nation in the world can rival our diverse population, our monolithic beauty, our will to win.

America the free, America the beautiful, America my home.

God bless America, stand beside her and guide her.

Thank you Charlie Daniels for those inspiring words!

The American Dream truly is alive, and President Trump has done a lot to help revitalize our economy so more people can benefit and enjoy renewed and expanded prosperity.

The key to the future of that dream is to be sure the Democrats are crushed at the polls this November so that the work of energizing the economy can continue.

This November, be sure to show up at the polls and make your voice heard. Don’t let the Democrat win by default.

Keep the American dream alive!

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