Charles Krauthammer Grabs Violently the Mic to Warn Trump Voter To Be Ready for What’s Coming Soon …


Folks, we know that Charles Krauthammer is more of an independent voice. He has not always supported Trump but what he had to say to Trump voters last night on Fox News is worth listening and allarming:

“I think we are really headed into very choppy and dangerous constitutional waters. We know what the Democrats want to do: they want to get control of the House and then start impeachment.

Now, I happen to think, as you know, I opposed the Trump candidacy, I don’t think he is very well fit for the presidency, but fitness is not a reason for impeachment and removal — high crimes are,” Krauthammer said.

“Here we have, we have a prosecutor looking for high crimes. With Watergate, you started with a crime and then you try to find out what happened. Here, they are looking for a crime. Perhaps they will find one, I don’t know.

As of yet, I haven’t heard of one. Collusion is unseemly, but it ain’t a crime. So, you have got a political establishment, mostly Democratic, but there are some Republicans who would like to see him taken out of office,” he said before  warning of the disastrous consequences if they try it.

“I think that would be a catastrophic mistake. It would cause a rupture in the country where people would say when ‘we people, the ones who have been abandoned and when we elect somebody we like, our guy gets taken out? ‘I thought we had a stable democracy.’ Again, I think he is unfit, but that’s not the grounds for removal.”

What do you think of his words?

H/T: Daily Caller

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