Chaos in San Francisco. Train Conductors Warn Commuters to ‘Watch out For Needles’


San Francisco commuters received an unexpected announcement from their train conductors this week, with transit employees warning their riders  to be on the lookout for used hypodermic needles before they sit down.

“Conductors there reportedly have taken to the trains’ PA systems to warn riders about hypodermic needles being left on seats by transient drug users as San Francisco fights an uphill battle to clean up thousands of syringes discarded each month all over the city,” writes Fox News.

“Once again, please make sure there are no needles in or around your seat before you sit down,” added the BART conductor.

The ominous warning comes as the region struggles to cope with rising crime rates, a soaring homeless population, and rampant drug use.

Read the full story at Fox News.

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