CBS Stahl Tries to Tell Netanyahu That Trump is Anti-Semitic, Gets INSTANT JUSTICE!


Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu joined Lasley Stahl on 60 minutes to talk aboutTrump.

Things got edgy when Stahl pushed Netanyahu into calling Trump and American conservatives: Anti-Semites.

Netanyahu looked at her and dropped a bombshell to “defend” Trump.

Stahl: What do you make of Mr. Trump’s support among white supremacists and anti-semites. It’s becoming an issue and I wonder what you think about it?

Netanyahu: I think it’s important to denounce it anywhere, and Mr. Trump has denounced racial bigotry anywhere, and I think that’s important… That’s an important message.

Stahl: Would you call on him to speak out now? and speak out more forcefully?

Netanyahu: I think he has…

Stahl: So you’re satisfied with what he’s done so far?

Netanyahu: I’m not a referee here! I will say that I know his attitude towards Israel, towards the Jewish State and the Jewish people and that’s SO powerful and SO obvious… FOR GOD SAKES, HE HAS JEWISH GRANDCHILDREN. HE HAS A JEWISH DAUGHTER… I THINK WE SHOULD KEEP SIGHT OF THAT!


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