CBS Brutally Twists Trump Quote, Then Their Own Video Proves They’re Frauds


President Donald Trump’s interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes” aired Sunday, which means that — of course — the network is making sure that it’s treating what he said with nuance and absolutely no needless sensationalism.

Or they’re pulling one quote out of context and splashing it everywhere, one or the other.

As you may have heard, Trump was asked about Christine Blasey Ford — the woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault during his confirmation process — and said, “It doesn’t matter. We won.”

That’s the media’s “oh my God, can you believe he said that?” moment. (“I can’t believe he said that. Stay tuned to every single show on our network to hear us talk about how we can’t even believe he said that.”)

And, like a lot of those moments, what’s being touted as true isn’t necessarily so. For instance, take a look at this tweet from CBS News and pay particular attention to the context in which it claims the comment was made. Tump was being asked about his comments at a campaign rally in Mississippi on Oct. 2.

Wow, that sounds pretty bad. It’s almost as if he’ll do anything to make other people look bad. What kind of entity would do something like that?

Oh, yes, the media. The media would do something like that.

The issue here is the wording of when Trump says that quote. It had a lot more to do with his unwillingness to discuss whether he thought Ford had lied in her testimony than it did with gloating about a Supreme Court nomination “win.”

Here’s the video:


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