Catholic School Apologizes For Serving Fried Chicken To Students To Observe Black History Month


An all-boys Catholic high school in Massachusetts apologized for observing Black History Month by serving fried chicken to the students.

“We are deeply troubled and disheartened by our failure in this instance and take full responsibility for it,” read a statement from Jacob Conca, head of Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood. “I offer my sincere apologies for the harm that our actions may have caused.”

Conca explained that the suggestion to serve fried chicken had been made by an African American cafeteria worker who “asked to share a piece of her culture by creating menu items that represent historically Southern Black cuisine.”

Some of the students were offended by the incident.

“Honestly, I think it’s just a big stereotype. It could be seen as a little racist,” said senior Liam Baker to WCVB-TV. “It’s the first day of Black History Month. They couldn’t have come up with a better thing than fried chicken for African cuisine? It doesn’t really make much sense.”

Student body vice president Michael Earls called on the administration to “first acknowledge that their ignorance perpetuated a racist stereotype and issue a formal apology.”

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