Car Plows Into Muslim Worshippers. But There’s Something the Media Forgot To Tell You


We live in a fast-paced world. With instant access to news from around the world, we suffer from information overload.

As a result, most people today simply skim headlines, rarely clicking on and reading the full report of an incident.

The mainstream media is fully aware of this fact. And so, they use those headlines–which, again, are the only bits most people read–to skew the story just enough to fit their agenda.

The media can later claim they remained objective, since the article itself contained all the known facts.

But this is disingenuous, and they know it.

The mainstream media was at it again this week when a car plowed into a crowd of Muslim worshippers in Newcastle, England.

The Muslims had just finished a prayer service marking the end of Ramadan, when a female motorist hit and wounded at least six people, three of them children.

Now, here’s the problem. Every mainstream media headline regarding this incident gave the initial impression that this was a hate crime perpetrated by someone who hates Muslims.

Only by digging deeper into the reports does one learn that the motorist is herself one of the Muslims attending that prayer service.

While pulling out, she backed over a child. She then panicked, lost control, and hit several more people.

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This is the woman, screaming to police that she tried to brake:

short, a tragic car accident. And absolutely nothing more. The fact that everyone involved is Muslim is entirely irrelevant.

In fact, the story itself isn’t really international breaking news, except for the fact it took place at a mosque. Which liberals hoped to capitalize on.

Source: The Daily Express

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