Cancel Culture Sets Its Sights On Trump Impeachment Attorney


Attorney David Schoen, who represented Trump during the former president’s second impeachment trial, may have won his case before the Senate this month, but the long-practicing civil rights attorney says he’s become the latest victim of cancel culture.

The Alabama lawyer has reportedly lost his teaching gig at a law school and has been unsubscribed from an important email list among prominent attorneys in his field. Schoen said both losses were important elements of his life.

Schoen told Newsmax in a recent interview that he had accepted an offer to teach a civil rights class to students at a law school. But after successfully defending Trump at the Senate impeachment trial, Schoen says the offer to teach law students no longer stands.

“When this came up, I contacted the school to ask whether this would be an impediment, and I was told ‘yes, it would be. That some faculty and students would feel uncomfortable to have me on campus if I were gett… (Read more)

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