Canada’s Justin Trudeau Reveals His True Feelings About Trump, and Liberals Are LIVID


Liberals are trying to paint Donald Trump’s presidency as an unmitigated disaster for the United States.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been a poster child for that effort, considering that he’s one of the few who must deal and negotiate personally with Trump.

Given Trudeau’s ultra-liberal credentials, like-minded Americans and Canadians assumed him to be a staunch opponent of Trump and all the president stands for.

After all, Trudeau and Trump have had a rather rocky relationship in the public spotlight thus far.

But, it turns out Trudeau might actually admire Trump, even if he doesn’t agree with all of our president’s policies.

In an interview with Canada’s CTV News, Trudeau praised Trumps slogan of “Make America Great Again,” and his efforts to make that a reality.

“The thing that reassures me fundamentally is he got elected on a commitment to help people, to make America great again,” said the Canadian leader. “The way to help those people is to bring in trade deals and jobs and economic growth that is going to help.”

Trump has thus far been an astounding success as far as boosting the American economy goes.

Trudeau wasn’t surprised, describing Trump as “a deal-maker” and a natural “negotiator.”

So, there you have it.

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Perhaps the most liberal of leaders among our chief allies just demolished the liberal narrative that Trump is nothing but negative for America.

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