Campaign Lawyer: Legislatures In Swing States Will Switch Electors To Trump


President Donald Trump’s campaign is confident that at least one state legislature will take back the power to select electors and change to supporting Trump, campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis said Monday.

While the campaign is continuing to press forward with lawsuits in swing states, Ellis said she and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani have been focused on going to state legislatures and alerting them that they have the constitutionally delegated authority to make sure that they select their delegates.

“So when all of these rules and laws in their states have been ignored, it’s actually their constitutional obligation, responsibility, and exclusive power to make sure that they take back their delegates and they don’t allow these false certifications to simply move forward,” Ellis said during a virtual appearance on Fox Business.

The campaign is confident that the state legislature in Georgia will do so, and hope the legislatures in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Arizona will follow.

“We’re very confident that at least in Georgia and hopefully also in Arizona, in Pennsylvania, and also in Michigan, that these state legislatures will really take election integrity very seriously, they will reclaim their delegates before the 14th, and that they will then do their own election integrity independent investigation, and then they will certify to the Electoral College the delegates that actually reflects the will of the people, not these false, corrupt results,” she said.

State lawmakers in Georgia were pushing on Monday to get enough votes on a petition to call a special session with an eye towards taking back the power to select electors.

“What we’re seeking to do is have a special session to review this and then determine whether or not the election was valid,” Republican state Sen. William Ligon told The Epoch Times. “And if it was not valid, then the legislature… will have to vote for who the electors will be.”

Republicans have a 103–75 majority in the Georgia House of Representatives and a 35–21 majority in the Georgia Senate.

In Arizona, a group of 28 members and members-elect of the state legislature called to decertify th… (Read more)

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