Cameras Capture The Second Gowdy Ends Strzok’s Career For Ever & It’s Amazing


A joint hearing was held between the House Oversight Committee and the House Judiciary Committee today.

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok was the “guest”.

Trey Gowdy didn’t waste any time in totally destroying Strzok.

Strzok and his lover/colleague Lisa Page were found to have sent numerous damning text messages back and forth with anti-Trump conversation topics.

Strzok could clearly be seen in the background while Gowdy was speaking, smirking and rolling his eyes. This was a top agent in the FBI under former President Barack Obama.


Fox News reports:

An already raucous hours-long Congressional hearing into FBI agent Peter Strzok’s apparent anti-Trump bias boiled over on Thursday afternoon, as a top Republican asked the “smirking” Strzok whether he was lying under oath the same way he “lied” to his wife while he carried on an affair with now-former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

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