Humiliated Obama LIVID After Camera Catches Trump Doing Something Amazing


A day before his inauguration, as he was preparing to become the 45th president of these United States, Donald Trump did something that really showed up Barack Hussein Obama.

As Lee Greenwood performed “God Bless the USA” at an event in Washington, Trump didn’t know it, but someone was filming him.

And the then-president-elect gave a tremendous performance.

Trump was seen vigorously singing along with the song. I mean, he was bobbing his head, and everything. Our president was really into it.

And that’s why it was so humiliating to Obama.

He spent eight years showing almost no excitement about being our president. He showed very little real love for this country.

President Trump demonstrated more respect and love for American in those few seconds of video footage than Obama did during his entire presidency.

Trump is excited to be our president. It shouldn’t be an unusual thing, but, sadly, after nearly a decade of Obama, it has become that way.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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