Busted: Obama Caught Protecting Terrorist Drug Smugglers


So, we’ve got this whole big investigation because some liberal loudmouths wanted to smear Trump by claiming he must have had Russian help in beating Hillary.

The entire thing’s built on nothing more than hearsay.

At the same time, evidence has come forward that when he was in office, Barack Obama actively protected one of the most dangerous terrorist drug smuggling operations on the planet.

And the media doesn’t think THAT is worthy of a serious investigation?

Via the New York Post:

The Obama administration stymied a sprawling investigation into the terror group Hezbollah — and its highly lucrative drug- trafficking networks — to protect the Iran nuclear deal, according to a bombshell report.

A team at the Drug Enforcement Administration had been working for almost a decade to bring down the Iran-backed militant organization’s sophisticated $1 billion-a-year drug ring, which laundered money and smuggled cocaine into the United States, Politico reported.

But the departments of Justice and Treasury repeatedly undermined agents’ efforts to arrest and prosecute key members of the criminal network — because the Obama White House feared upsetting Tehran ahead of the nuclear agreement, according to Politico.

Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy, and Obama was more concerned about his political legacy than removing this most serious threat to Americans and our allies.

This is literally treason.

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