BUSTED: Here’s How Jill Stein Spent Her Recount Money


Jill Stein spent nearly one million of the more than seven million dollars she raised to support her efforts on consultants, staff, and administrative costs, according to a report by The Washington Free Beacon.

The Free Beacon reports:

According to a breakdown of expenses contained on the fund’s website, Stein paid nearly $1 million on consultants and staff. The staff payroll tallied $212,500 while consultants pocketed $364,000. Administrative expenses, such as travel costs, ran $353,618. In all, $930,118 was used to pay consultants, staff, and administrative costs.

Filing fees in the three states cost $4,488,939, the group says. Wisconsin filing fees totaled $3,499,689, Pennsylvania fees were $16,000, and Michigan filing fees ran the group $973,250. Legal expenses cost the group $1.6 million.

Paying off staff and consultants to the tune of over $1 million hardly seems in line with her promise that “every dollar” would go toward the recount efforts.

The $7 million raised by Stein was more than double what she had raised during the entirety of her failed 2016 presidential run.

As we reported on Tuesday, the Wisconsin recount came to an end with Donald Trump having widened his margin of victory by 131 votes. The totals in the Badger State have now been certified.

Meanwhile, the recounts in both Michigan and Pennsylvania have been halted by federal judges. Pennsylvania’s results were certified on Monday, with Trump besting Clinton by over 44,000 votes.

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