BUSTED: Fed Bureaucrats Try to SABOTAGE President Trump, Now in BIG Trouble


Washington’s liberal bureaucrats think they can subvert the will of the American people.

They are trying to sabotage President Trump before he even has a chance.

But if these liberals think they’ll get away with it, they have another thing coming.

Breitbart reports:

“That sabotage comes in several forms, from secretly circulating emails among fellow ideologically committed members of the federal bureaucracy plotting strategy, to working behind the scenes with Democratic legislators to create out-of-the ordinary bureaucratic actions, to leaking confidential documents to the press.”

Some are recommending that President Trump “beat these efforts to sabotage his agenda through an executive order to ‘replace the current system.'”

If you think liberals are howling now, just wait what will happen if he moves to alter the political system, necessary as it may be.

Whether or not he actually goes after the civil services system, Trump has already demonstrated that he won’t hesitate to fire subversive bureaucrats on the spot.

Looks like he’s got a lot of firing to do. Good thing Trump is well practiced at that.

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