INSTANT JUSTICE: Bully Punches BLIND KID In The Face, Immediately Gets KNOCKED OUT


3.2 million students in America are victims of bullying each year.

Whether it’s physical or verbal, this must stop.

One student from Huntington Beach High School in Southern California obviously shares this view. The teen, Cody, stepped in and took action when he saw a bully picking on a fellow student who was blind.

I am sure the bully will think twice next time.

That’s right the bully got decked by Cody who sends him crashing to the ground.

The blind student’s savior unleashes a torrent of punches saying, “He’s trying to jump a fuc*ing blind kid, bro… I swear to God, if you fu*k with this kid again I will fu*k you up.”

The fact that the footage has gone viral proves that society love seeing bullies get INSTANT JUSTICE and this kid definitely did.

WARNING: Strong language and content!

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