Britney Spears Gets Career-Ending News After Bizarre Behavior in the Holy Land


Britney Spears is in the midst of a summer tour that’s meant to provide life support to her slumping career.

But if her appearance in Tel Aviv is any indication, Spears is achieving the exact opposite.

Israel is typically very warm and enthusiastic toward major music stars who choose to perform there, given that so many boycott the Jewish state in service to the liberal agenda.

And they welcomed Spears, but there was no real spark.

Sure, Spears was mobbed when she visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

But it was more like people pushing in to see some piece of music history rather than connect with a current star.

And that’s how Spears’ show in Tel Aviv felt, according to Haaretz:

Right from the start of the show, visible through her perspiration-soaked hair extensions, the look on Spears’ face was scared and confused. She struggled to lip sync smoothly with the playback, frequently turned her muscular back to viewers, and appeared to be in distress, giving downward sideways glances and small, nervous smiles here and there. The result was an empty, mechanical performance that left viewers cold.

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Spears, like so many middle-age starlets still trying to play the teeny-bopper, has become more of a spectacle than a force in her own right.

If she can’t win applause even in a country desperate for Western performers, perhaps it’s time to call it quits.

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